A little bit of history

I began to build the shape of movies' project in june 2017. The main inspiration for the shape of movies is a project called cinemetrics. At the time I discovered it, I was obsessed with it and I wanted to create my own version. I also found the colors of motion later, which is also a great project.

Everything started with the analysis program, which can do a lot more than just color analysis, as demonstrated in this infography. After asking around, I realized that people were more interested in the color palettes than the structure data, or anything else. So I built this website to show my results.

"Technical" stuff about the shapes

The analysis goes something like this : every 2-3s, the program takes a frame and generates a color palette of maximum seven colors. The palette generation is done through a kmeans clustering step on the image histogram.

At this point, a shape is a JSON file, containing all the data. Then, it is manually added to the db, adjusted in order to hide the credits part of the movie and published on the website. Each shape is composed by (approximately) 1500 palettes of maximum 7 colors. Colors are sorted according to their Value in the HSV color space. The user can browse +100 stills from the movie while hovering the graph.

Conclusion and feedback

The Shape of Movies is just a personal project, on which I loved to work. You can give feedback or make a movie request on the form below.